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Living Specimen

My lifelong passion for botanicals and living creatures inspired me to create a body of work dedicated to them, that can also make a difference. I focused on endangered species and the habitats they live in. I wanted to create designs that can educate people on species they may never have heard of before. My designs should capture people’s attention and help to start conversations, whether it’s asking what unusual creature is climbing through the branches or, how the print would look as a whole in their home. In my final collection, ‘Living Specimen’, I have combined my drawing skills with experimental processes such as screen printing and mark making, to create eye–catching and interesting prints. I try to capture flora and fauna as realistically as I can, making my own scientific discoveries along the way.

Abstract fruit print - Copy.jpg
silk fabrics 2.jpg
Jessica Kirkpatrick Textile design 1.jpg
Fineliner botanical drawings - Copy.JPG
Tonal scientific Pangolin pencil drawing
palm painting.jpg
Simple bathroom with banana palm print l
Chameleona and pink mushrooms.jpg
IMG_5422 (1).jpg
IMG_5149 - Copy.jpg
room with vanity desk and stool with Car
Pencil tonal snake.jpg
edited image.jpg
Specimen bottles print 5 for instagram.j
IMG_5199 - Copy.jpg
Angraecum Humbertii Gouache.jpg
Madame Berthas mouse lemur background re
Pangolin tonal drawing cleaned up.jpg
IMG_5866 - Copy.jpg
IMG_5955 - Copy.jpg
IMG_5501 - Copy.jpg
IMG_5582 - Copy.jpg
IMG_5086 (1) - Copy.jpg
IMG_5434 - Copy.jpg
Specimen jars on white background.jpg
IMG_5077 - Copy.jpg
Chester zoo bird pencil tonal drawing ba
IMG_5475 - Copy.jpg
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